Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Bituun ceremony 2010 - Now a Master Shaman!!!!

2/15/09: A spontaneous, non-ceremonial Journey taken while resting with Janet on Valentine’s Day Night. Bituun (the two-week Period when the Spirits return to the Upper World to recharge and rest) was to end at 1:35 AM this Morning, and ever since I have adopted a Portion of the Mongolian Shamanic Tradition into my Works, I have been dutifully making sure I was outside at the Time of the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice (the End of Bituun) for at least the past 4 Years, if not longer. Last year I was outside in plus-2 Degrees F Cold with my Candles, Incense, etc., at 3:30 AM. But here, about 6 Hours prior to that New Moon, I decided to journey to see what might be new in my Spirit World, and see how the resting Spirit Healers and Master were doing.

So without the usual Smudging, Sage, and Drum Loop, I took a spontaneous Journey, something I have been able to do for almost as long as I have been journeying, but usually do not do, preferring the more formal Setting.

As I entered the Spirit World, I found myself as a Hawk flying upwards toward the Opening to the Upper World, my Destination. A Circle of Stars, rotating in Place, had formed and I flew right into this Opening. The Walls were made of these circling Stars as I made my Way upwards, and the Tunnel became narrower and narrower. As this was occurring, of course, the Stars got closer and closer until I was a mere Speck flying into almost pure Light. Then, I burst into the Upper World.

There, I found myself just above a Cloud Deck. There was a lot of open Sky, but quite a few Cloud Bands as well. Everything, including the Sun, was gold, the traditional Color for the Portion of the Upper World I have always visited in the Past. I felt myself getting an instant Charging, and realized that the Spirits who come here do not need two Weeks to recharge. It is only two Weeks long in our Dimension. As I hovered there, I could Sense the huge Amount of Spirit Power available and was glad to be sharing in this with my and others’ Helpers. Golden Clouds, Mists, Sun…breathtaking and so peaceful.

I then spotted a Column of pure, very bright white Light a short Distance away. It had a rounded Top, and seemed maybe four Feet high. I was told that this was the Spirit Energy of my Upper World Self. Instinct told me to go over to it, which I did. I had now assumed my human Shape, and I grabbed the Column of Light with Both Hands. Within Seconds, I absorbed the Energy and it was Gone….just a bit of Ash-like Dust on the Portion of the Clouds upon which this Column had been sitting.

I then realized I had suddenly been transformed or made more whole, as now this Energy, which had been attached to but still away from me, was now IN me. Instinct told me too look up, and I saw some of my Energy move up into the Sky above and form a Wafer-like, large Disk with a rudimentary Face on it (Eyes, Nose, Mouth but very non-descript). This Wafer, representing me, then rose up and penetrated what seemed an Energy-Barrier in the Sky. It took its Place with other such Energy-Wafers, which I knew to be those presences of what we call the Master Shaman Spirits. I was amazed that some of my Energy should reach such a high Level.

I then turned back into Hawk and flew down the Star Tunnel VERY quickly and re-entered my Body. Still in Journey-State, two final Images then appeared to me: the Face of a black Woman whose smile and closed Eyes depicted utter, total Joy. And behind her the Face of a white Woman whose smiled seemed forced, worried. I assumed these were two Aspects of myself, and the seeming-racial Aspect just a Way my Left-Brain used to demonstrate the Duality of Energy…the Yin-Yang, and a Reminder that I still live in a dualistic Dimension.

The Journey was then over. A few Hours later, after Janet and I had watched a Movie and about two Hours prior to the White Moon at 1:35A, I turned to Janet and said…”I did a Journey, and I think I just got promoted to Master Shaman. My “face” was elevated into the Realm where the other Masters are. I think I no longer need to do the outdoor Ritual…I am no longer an Apprentice.” I said this with great Humility and Awe. So we lit a Candle in our Room to leave on all Night, which is Part of the Ritual, and of Course I smudged the Room and all my Tools and Pictures.

I noticed when I awoke in the Middle of the Night that the Candle was projecting a Wafer of Light onto the Ceiling…an identical Match for the Wafer I had seen in my Journey, and a Validation thereof. I also knew that when the Masters returned at 1:35 this Morning, instead of coming down through the Skies around me, they were now coming down THROUGH ME. I was now an open Channel for them, no longer restricted by Apprentice Status.

To end, we now shift into later this Morning. A Bit of Background first. After every Bituun Ceremony, I await the Appearance of the first Raptor following. It is ordinarily a Hawk, and what the Hawk is doing at the Time I spot it tells me what Kind of Year I will have. For example, one Year my first Hawk was flap-soaring…powered flight followed by a Glide, over and over…this told me my Work would come in Spurts with rest periods in between…and that Year was exactly like that.

So today we went to the Gym and I of course was keeping a bit of an Eye on the Sky. Some Years it takes a few Days for the first Sighting. But this Morning, as I went to the Gym Windows to begin my post-workout Stretches, I decided to pause and take a Sip of Water. As I stood there looking out, I saw a Bird fly into View from over the Building, heading away from me. I could soon tell from its Wing Thrusts that my initial Guess of Seagull was wrong. The only Bird I knew of with such slow, powerful Thrusts was typically a Great Blue Heron.

But it was a weird Time of Year for a Heron. Yes, some of them are around, but one very seldom sees one, so I felt it was my Bituun Bird. A Heron is a highly spiritual Symbol and I was thrilled. But as I watched this Bird keep flying, suddenly I caught short bursts of brilliant white Light. After the second such Flash, it struck me. This was the highest of all the Spirit Birds….a Bald Eagle! That is why the Wing Thrusts looked familiar but unusual…I have only seen Eagles 5 Times prior to this. I was chilled to the Core. This was the first Time ever I had been given an Eagle for Bituun, and it came almost immediately after the New Moon!

I watched as the Eagle suddenly flew up and to the left, and darned if it did not disappear from View completely. It just vanished. As if it had entered a Hole in the Sky. An Opening… To the Upper World, no Doubt, from where it must have come! The Master had sent me a Spirit Bird from where I had been with them just Hours before! This is the most empowering and rewarding, and as I mentioned above, tingling Experiences I have had in Years. This told me that I had indeed been promoted to Master Shaman. And the Eagle flew the entire Time with no Rests, with great Power, indicating the Type of Shaman Year awaiting me.

As a final Note, please understand that Ego has no Place in any of this. I am more humbled and grateful than ever for this Advancement. I serve the Masters, and now that I am one of them we can get even more done. I have no Doubt that my Embracing of the Tao De Ching last Year played a major Role in this Promotion. Let our Work continue, better and more effective than ever before.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Shaman Four Hawks Welcomes You

When the Door of Hope closes, the Door to the Shaman opens...

Welcome, my friend.
I am a practicing Shaman. If you have need of Services such as Soul Restoration, Afterlife Contacts, Spirit Health Check and/or (Self-)Healing, Resolution of a spiritual Emergency, Decision Guidance, Past-Life Revealing, etc...then email me at fourhawks01@comcast.net

In an emergency call me at 603-380-4437 (USA) or Skype me at Fourhawks01.

I have started my new web site. You can visit http://www.shamanicnortheast.org/ and get the introductory information formerly presented here in a tighter, easier format. Eventually I will post a few Journeys there as well. My pay scale is there as well. As I mentioned before, my Helpers also wish for me to place more emphasis on being compensated for non-healing type Works from now on on a regular scale, while healing services are still on a voluntary basis.

I have several other links now that one can visit.

The first is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5SBqtkNLzo where you can see a video introduction. This link takes you away from my Blog.

You may also view my entire MySpace profile at http://www.myspace.com/153630758 and go to the video from there.

NOTE: You can see now there are groupings of Journeys under various Headings: "Healing", "Visiting the Dead", etc. I'll keep adding more to these and enter a few more categories. This will make the breadth and depth of Shamanic Practice more obvious. And now, onto the Works!!

Peace and Love,


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shaman Introduction (In-depth Review)

When the Door of Hope closes, the Door to the Shaman opens...

What is, is what will be” - Four Hawks (That is, what we empower with heartfelt thought WILL manifest)

In my "career" as Shaman, I have experienced many fantastic things!

I have: visited with deceased relatives, both mine, including my Dad and Grandma, and those of many other people; found lost Objects; visited with the Spirits of peoples' deceased pets; investigated suicides, which so far have always been the result of a spirit Invasion; restored missing Soul Pieces; checked out haunted areas and even de-haunted one; seen many of the Spirit Invasions and Intrusions people suffer, and removed them; restored peoples' Power Animals (Guardian Angels); seen several tumors or threats of cancer reduced or eliminated; seen my own and others' past lives; performed healing and protection Rituals; divined the Future as well as Spirit Health; stood with and even spoken a few Words with Jesus; and the list goes on and on. It is a remarkable gift, the ability to perform Shamanic Works, and I do so with great humility and gratification. I hope you will find resonance in the paragraphs that follow, and that I might be able to help you...


"Shamans" are people through whom Healing and Sustenance flow from Helpers and Guides in the Spirit World to those who come seeking his or her Help. As you read this introduction and some of the other entries on this site, consider whether what I do could likewise bring you Healing, Understanding and Peace. You can contact me on the "View My Complete Profile" Page (the link to this page is at the bottom of the "About Me" column on the top right side of this page).

Shamanism has been practiced across every pre-Western Culture, and for thousands of Years...and is now flourishing again across our World, as traditional religious Organizations fall short in helping some people reach full Spiritual Health, and achieve their spiritual Destiny.

Despite a total lack of Connection, each Shamanic Culture came to virtually the same Conclusions, and performed similar Rituals and Ceremonies, in communicating with and honoring the Spirit World. This Spirit World, although the Basis of all Existence and therefore Life itself, is now left largely unexplored by most modern Cultures and Religions. It is hinted at by asking one to have "Faith" that it is there, but most can only hope that it is, and really have no firsthand experience of it (except for the unexplained events of selves, family and friends). A Shaman has learned to visit this World at Will, and to deal with and get help from Spirits who live there. They are always waiting to bring Answers, Help and Healing to us who are living in this Existence/Reality...just one of many, by the way. Hence, "Hope" and "Faith" are replaced with Certainty, what some Shamans, myself included, call the "Knowing."

A Shaman is a Man or Woman who has been called in one way or another to learn how to interact with the Spirit World to bring about Healing, Good Fortune, Blessing, etc. for the People or a Person. This involves first adopting a centered Existence in which all Life and Everything are honored as Sacred Extensions of the Great Spirit, as opposed to being Tools for one's own status-advance and wealth-building. One learns the Language of Nature, through which the Spirits can reach us all the time...when we listen. Then, the Shaman trains to perform the Duties required to become the "Channel" or "Hollow Bone" for the Spirit Helpers to work through. For in all Cases, it is not the Shaman who brings Healing or Correction. It is the Helpers working THROUGH the Shaman, who serves as their Intermediary, who give the Knowledge to the ill Person, whose Healing Mechanism can then be activated to achieve the all-powerful Self-Healing.


Shamans know that in many Cases, true Healing comes from removing Spiritual Dirt, Damage or Invasion, which often later manifests as a physical, emotional or mental Ailment. Moreover and most importantly, all Healing comes from within. Most "miracle" or "spontaneous remission" cures of modern Science are the result of the Ill Person achieving a self-induced Cleansing of their Spirit Being. This is accomplished through changed Thinking and the discharge of Toxic Thoughts and Beliefs, arrived at through Activation of the Link to the Spirits, without knowing how. Shamans can cleanse People of these Spirit Illnesses, and this often leads to Healing in all other Aspects as well.

Other Illness is caused by a Person's losing a Part of their Soul, due to a traumatic Event in their Youth, Gestational Period...or even a Past Life. These Soul Parts flee to a Safe Place in the Spirit World. The Shaman goes out to find and retrieve it, and then restore it to the Person, who then re-achieves Healing and Wholeness. This restored Spirit State leads to Healing in many more instances than People can achieve by themselves.

Sometimes Illness is caused by more simple problems, such as a messed-up Chakra. At the bottom of this Intro, I discuss these a bit. Finally, of course, many Illness and Conditions are simply there as Defects in our Health and must be dealt with by Physicians...they are part of our Earth Walk. There are Illnesses that must simply run their Course as Part of the Individual's Path.


A Shaman can: retrieve lost/forgotten/future Information (fortune telling); contact deceased Loved Ones or Friends; locate lost Objects; analyze and alter Energy States in those who have fallen ill physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually; restore missing Soul Pieces; remove spiritual Intruders, etc. Again, much Illness and Unease derives from at least one Problem in a person's spiritual State, be it an Intrusion of foreign Energy or a Loss of a part of one's Soul. In Western Cultures, the predominant "seeing is believing" Mentality leaves People wide open to all sorts of unseen Spiritual Maladies that are simply not healed by physical and/or psychological Interventions. Even though the Symptoms may be eased or eliminated, the root Cause remains and the Problem often returns. Shamans, however, can see into a person's Spirit Body and ascertain what the root Cause of Illness is, and then attempt to remove it. Sometimes Shamanic Intervention is not allowed, though...more on that below.

Shamans have many Tools beyond the Journey given them by their Spirit Helpers to deal with these Beings, but always rely .. from one or more Higher Spirits that are working with the Shaman. These Helpers often appear at first in the form of totem Animals, such as Owls, Hawks, Deer, etc. Humans relate better at first to these Forms than they would the Spirit itself, and can use the Qualities of that Totem in their Shamanic work as well.

If a Shaman happens to end up alone in a bad Situation while in the Spirit World, he or she calls for Help immediately...and it always arrives. Shamans always journey with at least one Guide or "Power Animal" for such Strength and Protection. I have at least five I rely on and honor. I recently came very close to being taken from here while rescuing someone's Soul Piece. My main Helper pulled me to safety in the nick. It is WELL WORTH THE RISK, though, to restore someone to their intended personal Beauty. Some of the other Tools I use include my painted Drum, antique Mongolian "Toli" (Brass Shaman "Mirrors"); ancient Moqui Stones; Peruvian Chumpi Stones; clear Quartz and other Crystals; Feathers; Tarot Cards; Mongolian Divination Coins; and Smudge (Sage, Juniper, Sweet Grass, Palo Santo).

Shamans can move through Time and Space instantaneously, going into the Future or Past, and change (shape-shift) into other types of Beings, such as Birds. In fact, in the Center of Existence where Shamans go to at the Journey's Beginning, all of Time and Space, from all Realities and Universes, meet at that one Point, known in Physics as a "Singularity" and in Mongolian Shamanism the "Gol". From there, the Shaman can go anywhere in Space or Time, again nearly instantly. Fire from a Candle is usually the main physical Representation of the Gol, and so we always have one lit while working.


One of many Tools, the Shaman's Journey involves honoring the Helper Spirits and then using, in many cases, a steady Drumbeat to reach the brain-wave Level (Alpha, Theta) where the Spirit of the Shaman can leave his or her Body and venture out into one or more of the three Spirit Worlds (Upper, Middle and Lower) for Guidance. Most People pass through this Brain-wave State on their way to and from Sleep, and so many Spirit Appearances occur at this these Times. Shamans have learned to stay at this intermediate Level for Minutes, indeed Hours on end. Dancing and Drumming together are also employed.

Many Journey Results come in metaphor Form, and are therefore best interpreted by the Shaman working with the One being helped. Keep in mind, though, that EVERY Image produced has been designed for the Seeker, not the Shaman. Sometimes the Events are not shown as they happened exactly...or even close, but the underlying Wounding that resulted IS real. The Reason for the Inaccuracy is that People tend to try to block out and disown the Memories of such Events. However, when the Shaman investigates, the Wounding Energy presents itself in a different but still interpretable Form. So even though key Events from earlier in Life may come in a bit hazy, they are accurate in Essence. I have never received erroneous Info from the Helpers. It is up to the Helped One to try to decipher the true Meaning of the Information, but the Shaman is there to help with a lot of the Imagery not readily understood in our Culture.


The Upper World is the Place of Guidance/Future and many high Shaman Spirit Ancestors who know much and also us, and houses the Upper World Soul (genealogical in nature...links to blood ancestry) called the Ami (pronounced "em") in Mongolian-based Shamanism. We have a link to our Eternal Soul Essence which resides in this World through our uppermost Chakra. This Essence reincarnates over and over as we progress spiritually. Our Spirit Parents reside in this World. I have seen in my Journeys there that other Universes are linked together here as well.

The Middle World is where we live now, and our Soul Piece here is called the Suld ("soold"). It remains here after Death to help Those left behind, and eventually merges into Nature as a Helper Spirit. There are many such Spirits here (sometimes referred to as 'ghosts"). There are also many Shaman Helper Spirits here as well. Unbeknownst to most Westerners, Animals, Trees, Rivers, Mountains and Stones also have their own Spirit Essences that have much to offer. Our World is FILLED with Spirits, helpful and otherwise, and yet how few of us accept this as Reality...and pay the Price. Some have witnessed that the "Spirit" Middle World runs parallel to ours, with quite a few Variations at play. This would explain Dreams we have in which things seem almost right, but then have weird Morphings ongoing.

The Lower World is the Place of Empowerment/the Past and houses the Soul Part known as the Suns ("soons"), which carries past-life Information. This World also houses Peoples' "Power Animals", actual Spirit Beings who take the form of an Animal to bring to you the Strengths and Abilities of that particular Animal, that you may be weak or lacking in. Everyone receives a Power Animal at Birth, but in Western Cultures most People lose them...because they don't even know they are there. Shamans journey to retrieve Peoples' lost Power Animals and restore these needed Strengths to People.

All three Worlds are beautiful and lush..I have seen is no Evidence of the Fire/Torture-driven Hell promulgated by some Western Religions in my Journeys. The Upper and Lower World Souls reincarnate, the Middle World Soul does not. Most Middle World Souls help those they have left behind and after several Generations become a more broad-based Spirit. Upper and Lower World Spirits usually return to their respective Worlds and await their Reincarnation. The "worst" Souls, who have gone totally "negative", are usually not allowed to reincarnate, as they are too disturbing to the Sacred Balance. Yet we have to accept that even these Being are manifestations of the same Great Spirit who has manifested as everything and everyone else. I have made quite a few Visits to Middle World Souls on behalf of Clients who wish to know how their deceased Loved Ones are doing.

Trouble occurs when Middle World Souls from people who have died, or Lower World Souls that come back up here illegitimately (or refuse to "go home" is the first place), attach themselves outright to "our World.". These Spirit Invasions can occur when either the after-Death Middle Soul or Lower World Soul latch onto a Person or Place where it does not belong. The Invasions can be by either Relations Souls, or total Stranger Souls.

Troubles can also arise if People offend Spirits living in their Area with actions that dishonor Nature. During a Journey, the Shaman sees these Souls and tries to right their Path. There are also those Dark Entities that must be dealt with, some quite dangerous. The worst of all Dark Spirit Beings are usually "dissolved" prior to becoming Threats again, as I mentioned just above.


There is also an "Astral Plane", where raging, confused and temporarily dangerous Earth Souls go to cool off, or await eventual Extraction and Healing by a Shaman...an in-between Place wrought with Danger. I try not to go there unless absolutely necessary. This is probably close to the Concept of "Purgatory" in Christian Thinking. It is not a Place Earth Souls want to be, and I have retrieved at least one suicide-Soul from there.


In manifesting itself, the Great Spirit has taken Forms that run the Gamut from Light to Dark, "Good" to "Bad", "Positive" to "Negative"...in an effort to achieve Sacred Balance (also called Yin/Yang) while experiencing All That Can Be, and allow us to attempt to do likewise. So, there is Plenty of what I call "Dark Being Energy" out there that can cause Illness. This Energy is often able to be transmuted so that the effected Person can return to living with normal, manageable and balanced Amounts of "good and bad". This Balance is the key to a successful Life. No-one is perfect, but striving to cancel a debilitating "Darkness" with the empowering "Light", and then add a bit more Light, is the Goal. The Shaman is skilled at transmuting this Dark Energy...that is, removing it and returning it to the Spirit World for conversion to Good Energy.


Events in this or a prior Life that were very emotionally challenging can also "imprint" into one's Spirit body and become a source of Illness. Villoldo (see the book section at the bottom) goes into this with great detail. Our Energy Bodies (the Aura) easily absorb Energies from any Source, so if one is unaware of an Intrusion of negative Energy, one can liken this Imprint to rubbing your Eyes after touching a Germ-infested Doorknob...the Illness manifests in Secret. These Events can also cause partial Soul Loss, and the Shaman journeys to bring this Piece back to the effected Person. These are closely related to Chakra problems, discussed below.


Another Key Concept: Sacred Path. Because we are comprised of Soul Parts that reunite for subsequent Lives, we each come here with a Spiritual Plan. This Plan may involve a wonderful Life..or a Life filled with Suffering and early Death. The Goal is to be a stronger Spirit when leaving than when we arrived. However, we forget this Plan at Birth and spend the rest of our Lives either trying to remember...or not. Many never do, and live with an Incompleteness that can be added to by Spirit Illnesses, either inherited or obtained while in this Life. Even if we hear that Inner Voice calling us to the Truth about ourselves, we can be dazzled by the Culture we live in and go after its Rewards instead. We still have Choice in Life, and the Series of Choices we make helps determine whether we approach, find or move away from the Plan.

Therefore, in most Cases, Shamans do not Journey for People unless the Shaman is asked...we do not want to interfere with the Sacred Path of the Individual until they themselves recognize something is amiss. I have, however, been allowed to journey for some Folks out of Love, and been given valuable Information to try to heal them with. However, since the Person does not know of this Help, they do not "own" and incorporate it, and the Effects of the Journey may therefore be considerable watered down...again, it depends of whether or not the Person's Sacred Path included a behind-the-scenes Intervention by a Shaman or not.

Finally, a Shaman does not share by-name Information with others unless the Person being helped allows it. I learned this Sacred Path Concept most strongly in my Study of Cherokee Spirituality, who try to maintain it as a major societal dictum. Of all the Shamanic Concepts I have learned, this one flies most strongly in the Face of Western Culture, where interfering with another for their own Good ("we know better"), without their Permission, is almost the number one social Tenet. It is nearly impossible to live in the West and follow this Precept to the Letter, for everyone else around the Situation will demand to know why you did not intervene when you had the Chance, and then excoriate you for failing to do so.

Bottom line: Unless it is your Sacred Path to live with a certain Illness or Situation, a Shaman can fix it IF YOU are willing to be helped: Remember, all Healing comes from Within. The Shaman merely serves as the "go-between" for the Spirits with the Help, and you, the one who puts that help into practice.


It's worth mentioning again here how important Thoughts are. Many believe the Great Spirit has thought, and continues to think, the entire Universe, us included, into Being. This Insight is most prevalent among Incan Shamans, but it now being advanced by some of the World's most enlightened Physicists as well. One's own Thoughts likewise have creative Power. Whatever you think, you are right. Thoughts, tied to strong Emotion and/or Belief, become actual Creations if left to "percolate" long enough. Some Shamans, Jesus included, were and are able to produce objects seemingly out of thin Air, or to change one object to something else. When a Shaman takes on a different Appearance, using this same Power, it is called "Shape-shifting." If your Thoughts are based in Limitation, Restriction, Cultural Pressures, Others' Beliefs about you...then you are creating a Life for yourself that does not express who you truly are...a Recipe for Unhappiness and even Illness.

Incan Shamans have known for Millennia that one can literally "dream one's World into Being" with enough power of Intent. Even Western Culture is full of many successful people who have done just that. You can manifest all Sorts of Success and Healing, or Failure and Illness, into your Life with your Thinking. Programs such as “The Secret” tap into and explain in modern Terms this Ability. But it is as old as Humanity. Jesus often reminded us that if we believe without Doubt, we we pray for WILL happen.

This is why the Knowing is so crucial. What you think about the People, Places and Events of your Life has a profound Influence on how those Things effect you. I always used to tell my Children that nothing anyone says to you can hurt you unless you let it. Accepting all Things and Events as Teachers, as opposed to Aggravants or "Bad Luck", is the key. Knowing of the true Nature of All helps you think in Ways that strengthen your Spirit Being and bring Beauty to others through your Thoughts. I recently worked with a Woman who was being pursued by a Dark Spirit, thought into being by herself in a prior Life!


In my Work, I have become convinced in the Existence of numerous other Dimensions that intersect and overlay ours. I have seen with my own Eyes the opening of a portal from one of these, and witnessed a Being attempting entry into our Realm. Physicists now generally support “String Theory” as the unifying Law to explain all of the Movements and Behaviors at the sub-atomic Level that defy Einsteinian Laws. They suggest at least 11 such Dimensions co-existing with ours. I have seen in Journeys the attempts by Beings from other Dimensions to come into ours, sometimes successfully. The “Shadow People” seen by many are such Beings. It is highly likely some of the other Visitors seen here, such as “Reptilians”, are likewise popping in and out of our World, through these Portals which are really Rips in the Time/Matter/Energy Fabric. I have seen a “shadow” Sun in the Vicinity our our own, one that exists in a Dimension very close to ours...and therefore has an Effect on us even though we cannot see it.

Another very important Aspect of other-Dimensionality is the Ability of Energy to go from one Dimension to another, and therefore to make it seem as if Energy in coming out of nowhere. In Truth, it has recently been demonstrated that once Spirit has manifested into Energy/Matter, it begins to rotate. As separate Strands of Energy/Matter rotate against each other, they create a new Vibration that is involved in the actual Creation process. We are all, and all around us, simply made of energy Vibrations. The Solidity of our World is an Illusion, a Construct to make housing our Consciousness and Souls easier. The ability to influence these Vibratory States with our Thoughts is the Basis of our Ability to heal and create, and mimics exactly the huge-Scale process the Great Spirit uses. Hence, we are not really “of God” as much as we “are God”, in small part of course...for we were “created in God's Image”, so if “God” can bring matter and energy into Existence and change it with Intention and Love...SO CAN WE!


Another vital Understanding all People need and are deliberately kept from through modern religious, social and commercial Institutions that have a vested interest in “dumbing us down”: We each perceive our World based on our own Beliefs, Training and Experiences. Our Brains COMPLETELY filter out a lot of conflicting Information that defies these locked in Patterns. If you do not believe something is possible, you won't experience it even if it happens right in front of you. You will “look” right through it! You won't feel it, you won't hear it. This has been amply demonstrated through hypnosis Experiments, where Subjects who are “under” can see right through People to read Signs behind them. This is more commonly experienced in day to day Living when Witnesses to an Event all have slightly different Versions, and all are convinced theirs is the right One. And they are correct...they all saw the Event through their individual Filters.

This locking-out Power of the Brain is extremely dangerous when it leads to such Close-mindedness that People are willing to claim such Nonsense as “God is on our Side”, and “That's impossible...that could never happen!”, and “We are basically powerless in this Situation.” How many “impossible” Things have happened since recorded History began. It also prevents One from seeing the other Dimensions, Beings, etc., that move through our daily Existence. We make some terrible Decisions when we don't have the Big Picture. Mass Consciousness has tremendous Power to effect Changes in the World, both in Terms of Matter and Energy. This is why even today many South American Shamans get together to try to “dream” a better, safer, more balanced World Population into Existence. But they are coming up against literally Billions of closed-off, severely-limited, deliberately dis-empowered Minds.

This is why, at the Top of this Work, I say “What is, is what will be”, for we constantly create our Worlds of the next few Minutes, Hours, Days, etc., with what we are thinking NOW. The Mind is meant to be a Tool of the Spirit, but we have allowed it to become the Master.

Shamans attempt therefore to be as open-minded as possible, and to allow for ANYTHING to be possible. This allow us to see more clearly some of the astonishing Forces at Work in our Clients' Lives.


One of the first Concepts to “grab” me when I first learned about First People Spirituality was their Belief that Spirit inhabits all Things. More importantly, they also believed that EVERY thing, be it Animal, Plant, Mineral, Water...had Awareness. I understood this as a basic Tenet, but it would take me quite a few Years to truly grasp it. I have discovered through an Insight provided by our Earth Mother that Consciousness/Awareness is a BY-PRODUCT of Energy/Matter. This is an all-powerful Concept worth repeating in slightly different Form here: Everything in existence, from Light Beam to Piece of Dust to single-celled Bacteria, have a Conscious Awareness. And all of this is tied together into what has been referred to in the Past as the “Collective” or “Universal” Consciousness. This is another way we are all connected, and have the Power to greatly influence each other and everything Else with our Thinking.

I was further enlightened in this Matter by our Mother. It is the unique Combination of Materials of the human Body that allow us to be so high up in the Consciousness Scale. We “house” much greater Awareness than other physical Forms. We truly are in the Image of the Creator, for we have a level of Awareness that gives us the Power to create, analyze, plan. This is an extraordinary Gift, and one that has been, for the most Part, squandered in recent Centuries by the blind and dumb Chase for material Wealth and political/economic Power in the Hands of the very few. We could easily, and for many Thousands of Years DID, use our collective Consciousness to ensure the relatively peaceful and joyful Existence of most People. This is not to say that Dark Energies and Spirits did not plague our Ancestors as well, causing Imbalance. But our modern Cultures are so “out of synch” with the Balance of the Creator that we now invite our own Demise. Many believe, however, that in the next few Years the Alignment of the Solar System with the plane of the Galactic Center will cause a massive Consciousness Shift in Humanity away from Materialism, and into a more enlightened, higher vibrational State, closer to the Spirit State achieved by Shamans in Journey and Ritual. This has been encased in an astrological Conception as the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, for example.

It is now also believed in many Circles that Water has a special Capacity to hold and transmit Consciousness...and since we are up to 90% Water, it is no Wonder we are SO conscious. Moreover, Water transmits its “knowledge” instantly across Space, much as Thought moves instantly...so once we learn to use Water effectively as a “communications” medium, we will be able to speak with people on the other side of the world, or even with Beings in other Galaxies, in real time. This is much the same as Telepathy. Water is so vital to virtually all Aspects of Life that it is tantamount to a Dark Wish that we pollute it so. Hopefully the remarkable Abilities of Water will become widely known among the general Populations, which will hopefully force Changes.


Spirits come to us many times as Animals, for this is a form in which they can talk to us from a physical perspective. The sudden and often startling visit of a Hawk, Owl or Eagle; or even a Blue Jay or Cardinal...a Woodchuck...as you make a critical decision, or even as you drive, can tell you what is coming and what powers you need most. Birds, Four-leggeds, even Cloud Shapes, all can bring you these key messages at precise times. One just has to be open-eyed and ready to read them. :) A key teaching: A Bird flying left to right is positive, right to left a warning. As we saw in the Discussion of Water above, Clouds most certainly can take shapes to send us messages, using their own Awareness and their link to our own Water Bodies. Ted Andrews' works go into great detail about the Powers and Characteristics each Animal brings. Anyone hoping to understand the Language of the Spirits in terms of Animals and Birds should certainly get copies of his works, or others like it. See my "A Great New Year Coming" entry in this Blog for examples of recent key visits to me...


No discussion of Spirit can be complete without mentioning these 9 key Energy Whirlpools embedded in our Auras and connected to our Spines. When one or more of these Vorticies are dirtied, blocked, out of synch, we find manifestations of these Imbalances across the Spectra of Human Life. These range from physical Illness to mental, emotional to spiritual. These can actually be seen using the naked Eyes, and Tom Andrew's has a wonderful little Book out (on Amazon, B&N, etc) on how to do just that. I have used this Book and been able to read the Energy Fields around myself and many others as a result. The first time you see this Energy Field in person, your Mind WILL boggle... There are many ways to clear a damaged Chakra. Alberto Villoldo discusses Methods, as do some of the other Authors listed below. But I have a found a wonderful Website that puts it all right there for you. Visit http://www.neatstuff.net/avalon/texts/know-how.htmlstudy and read away. This site focuses on using Crystals, which I use in my Practice as well. If you do not have a precious-Stone store near you, apparently one can order these from this Site as well.


Many Shamans do not charge for their healing services, but do humbly accept Tokens of Appreciation in any form...whatever the Helped One thinks the services are worth to them. This compensation is to only given to honor the Work of the Spirits, and NOT the Shaman him- or herself. The Spirits are more insistent that non-healing Works, such as Visits to the Deceased, retrieving Power Animals, Investigating Past Lifes, checking for Hauntings, etc. be compensated. My current assessment is that this work can be valued at up to $100 an hour...most such works take about that much time. If you cannot afford that or find it unreasonable, or wish to send Gifts of a different Nature, that is fine. I WILL NEVER REFUSE TO SERVE ANYONE BASED ON INABILITY OR RELUCTANCE TO OFFER A GIFT. The important Principle here is to honor the Help given by the Spirits with a Gift to the Shaman, and this Gift should come from the Heart in Gratitude. Equally important is the Fact that being a Shaman is not a Job...it is a Calling. If you need me, no matter what, I will be here for you.

Also, please read the very first two entries (Jan 8, 2001 and October 19, 2001) before delving into the Journeys themselves..these demonstrate in great detail why I am on this Sacred Path.

Key Knowledge and Training Sources:

My over 700 Journeys to the Spirit World; The Many Protector, Helper and Teacher Spirits I've met there; 7-plus years of Experience; and these Readings, with an "*" indicating essential readings:

- Hillary Webb's "Exploring Shamanism"*

- Tom Cowan's "Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life"*
- Eliot Cowan's "Plant Spirit Medicine"*

- Sarangerel's "Chosen by the Spirits" and "Riding Windhorses" *
- Alberto Villoldo's "Shaman, Healer, Sage", "Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval" and "The Four Insights" *
- Kenneth Meadows' "Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers" and "Where Eagles Fly" *
- Joan Parisi Wilcox's "Masters of the Living Energy"*

- Heaven/Charing's "Plant Spirit Shamanism"*

- Mary Dean Atwood's "Spirit Healing (version with Indian Story, now out of print, or the new version)"
- Jamie Sams' "Medicine Cards" and "Sacred Path Cards"
- Sandra Ingerman's "Soul Retrieval"
- Michael Harner's "The Way of the Shaman"
- John Perkins' works on Shamanism
- Ted Andrews' "Animal Speak", "Animal-Wise", "Nature Speak", and "How to Read the Aura" *
- Piers Vitebsky's "The Shaman"
- Stevens and Stevens' "Secrets of Shamanism"
Plus about 50 other works...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MySpace Blogs

Hi, folks. I have published some very in-depth blogs on my MySpace Page, but not everyone is linked to MySpace, so I am going to republish them here for you...in order of presentation there.

BLOG: The Wonders of Water

On a recent Coast to Coast AM Show, Dr. David Sereda spent several Hours explaining the latest hi-tech Research into the Properties of Water. Most of you will not have heard a Thing about this Research or its Results, since it challenges the Western View of Life in which Mankind is the only living Entity truly worth exalting...the rest being here for our enjoyment and exploitation.

Here is a brief Summary of what has been demonstrated. Water changes its crystalline structure based on the Types of Frequencies it comes in contact with. It has been shown that harmonic Music, for example, changes the crystal Architecture into one of similar, ordered Beauty, while discordant Music does the opposite. It has been shown that the “Song” of the Sun, inaudible to our Ears but nonetheless captured and transcribed for our Ears by NASA, changes water into its most gorgeous crystal State: a snow-flake looking hexagon with precise 12- and 24- based lattice Work. Further, it has been conclusively shown that Water reacts instantly to Events that are great Distances away. For example, Bacteria floating in Water react to Solar Flares the Instant the latter occur, with that Information jumping across the 93 million Miles immediately. It has likewise been shown that the Human Brain can send signals across half the World instantly as well. All of this is tied to the Ability of Water to record and transmit information outside the time/space restrictions of Einsteinian Physics. It seems very likely now, and I have had this confirmed by my Helpers, that not only Water but all of Matter and Energy has, retains and can carry/transmit Consciousness. It is just that Water is really the best Vehicle due to its unique Structure (the H-O-H Bond that causes it to become lighter when frozen, or denser, for example). It is very likely that the high State of human Consciousness is due in large Part to our high Concentration of Water in our Bodies.

It has been known for Decades that thinking good Thoughts toward a Plant will help it expand and grow, while thinking bad Thoughts to another Plant, all others things being equal, will cause it to die. This is because the Water in the Plants takes on the appropriate crystalline Structure corresponding to the Emotions involved, and actually become an Elixir in one case and a Poison on the other. Since the human Body is 75-90 percent Water, we likewise are subject to this same Effect...hence, living in a toxic emotional Environment often leads to Illness and Depression, if the Individual is not enlightened enough to be able to dismiss it. Some people have had great Success, for example, drinking Water treated by the Song of the Sun, as this water immediately transfers its Beauty to the Water in the Body. This same Effect can be seen in the Workings of Sacred Fountains, Streams, and even Holy Water, according to Dr. Sereda.

What all this is leading to is my own Experience with Water. I have had two very dramatic Results tied to the use of Water as the transmitting mechanism for effective prayer, that is to say, intended thought. It is well known that Thought tied to Emotion, that is, the “heart-felt Prayer” can be extremely effective if powerful enough. I have discovered quite by accident in my own experience that praying while IN water, in my case, in the shower, multiplies the effect of the prayer even more. Here are two examples:

Example 1. Early in my Career, I was tasked in a Journey to “fly” over to a Client for two weeks, once a day, and place a single Leaf of Sage in a headband around her Head (all of this spiritually-based), to finish a Healing I had performed for her. Since I was crunched for Time, I developed the Habit of taking a few Moments while in my morning shower to perform this Action. This time is when we are often at our most relaxed. My client wrote about a week into this Regime to tell me she had awoken to find a huge Hawk staring her right in the Eyes. She insists she was wide awake and the Hawk was real. She asked if I had anything to do with it, and I of course explained in Amazement at the Time that she had actually seen me performing the Ritual ordered up by my Helpers.

I didn't really make the Connection to Water until just recently, late last Year, almost 6 Years later.

Example 2. My Wife had been suffering with severe TMJ for months, and had seen Specialists and Dentists to the Tune of Thousands of Dollars, and no matter what was done, it seemed to just be getting worse. So one Morning, in that “what have we got to lose mode” we humans often get into when our greatest Discoveries are hatching, I decided, while in the Shower, to pray and work a huge amount of healing Spirit Energy into the Jaw Joint that was worst. I got the Surprise of my Life later that Day when my Wife told me that her Jaw had suddenly, and without Cause, simply “snapped back into Place”, and was feeling and behaving near normally, in Terms of Lack of Pain and Mobility. Once again in excited Amazement, I told her what I had done that morning. And then I recalled the Incident related above, and then in about the same Time heard the Show on Water with Dr. Sereda, and had my “Ah-ha!” Moment. It all came together, and I realized I had stumbled upon, for me at least, this great Healing Technique...send the healing Energy while wet!

Since then I have not had occasion to use this for anything as dramatic, but I now regularly send out prayers for specific People while in the Shower, knowing the Power of Water to absorb and transmit conscious Intent will greatly strengthen my Work.

BLOG: The Fear of Death

Of all of the Emotions that
run through a Human Being's Existence, the Baseline of them All is
the Fear of Death. This Fear is generated by and in the Ego-Mind,
for this portion of our mental Existence knows from the Start that it
has a finite Existence. This Knowing is encoded in the Ego's very
Creation, and is inescapable, no Matter how much any one Person tries
to bury it. This is why Shamans in Training MUST go through several
Versions of their coming physical Demise, either in Rituals such as a
Vision Quest, or through Journeying into the Spirit World, in order
to completely overcome that Fear. For at the Spirit Level of
Existence, where the eternal You is, there is the reverse
Knowing....that we are all eternal Beings that live from Lifetime to
Lifetime, and never lose our Spiritual Self. The “Shaman's Death”
Training is designed to put one in touch with this Knowing, for it is
only when a Shaman has no Fear of Death that he or she can then
fight for Others when they are facing horrific Darkness or even Death

The Fear, as I shall now
refer to it, causes all Sorts of Distortions in Human Thinking and
Behavior. Because it is rooted in the Ego Mind, which is constantly
trying to remain in Control and overpower all in its Sights, this
Fear often translates into Action that result in the brutalizing of a
single Person, all the Way up to the actual Deaths of Millions of
People, either through deliberate Starvation, War, Chemical
Poisoning, etc. In “modern” or “western” Cultures in
particular, where Spirituality has been diminished to near
non-Existence and replaced with a corporate, Money-based Religiosity,
the Ego-Mind runs rampant and is encouraged through lifelong Exposure
to Media and Schooling to continue to do so. People see Life as a
One-off, the “only time around”, the “one life to live.”
This immediately forces People into one of two Modes, or a Blending
thereof: A Hell-bent desire to dominate all and accumulate
everything, or a passive Submission to Life and an Embrace of
“inevitable” Failure. Neither of these Positions is good for the
Individual or the Society, and yet they rule today.

In Shamanic Teaching and
Work, the eternal Spirit is constantly underpinning Decisions and
Actions. Shamans try to bring it to the Fore, in Fact, as much as
possible. It is very hard in our Culture to abandon the Ego-Mind
totally, for one is quickly judged an Idiot or worse by those who
currently are trapped in their Egos exclusively. But by referring
all Matters to Spirit while also trying to keep Ego Impulses in
check, the Shaman walks the Line between Life (the Eternal You) and
Death (the Ego-You). This is why it is vital that Humanity undergo a
dramatic Shift away from the Ego State and into a re-Recognition of
Spirit as the Basis of all Existence, if we are to escape the Cycle
of ever-increasing War and Weaponry, Jealousy and Hate, Crime and

Obviously, no one Shaman, or
anyone else who works in the Spirit Realms, can change the entire
World. We can only bring the Truth to one or two people at a Time,
and only as they allow. To me, the Shamanic Journey is the most
effective Way of accessing the Spirit World, so one can see for
oneself what it is really all about. Then, once you have met some of
your Spirit Guides and verified that what you are experiencing in the
Journey is the Truth, you are transformed. The Writings of the major
Spiritual Figures of the Past, such as Jesus, Buddha, etc., take on
powerful new Meanings, and one can see how they have been
subsequently bastardized into somehow supporting a business Model of
great Wealth and Power, when these Figures were absolutely against
such Things, and actually trying to free People FROM them.

One can see, once one is
firmly tied to Spirit, how Dark Energies manifest as Illnesses....how
Thinking tied to Emotion drives Creation daily and since the Universe
was formed...how Consciousness ultimately derives out of Spirit and
therefore exists in EVERYthing...and how ANYthing is possible in the
Realm of Matter, Energy and Time (as these are Illusions, Creations
of Spirit for our Benefit), including parallel Universes and Beings
from other Dimensions.

So it is Vital that each and
every Person, however they can, dig way down to their Core and
recognize their Eternal Selves, and also understand that the Mind is
a blessed Tool to be used for spiritual Furtherance, not for
Dominance of People, Places and Time. Look to Nature for this
Lesson...is all there is Balance, and whenever Anything takes a
dominant Role, Something else eventually comes along to knock it
back. The Death of the physical Body is meaningless in the Spirit
Realm, other than it is a Return to where you began, carrying a new
Set of Lessons either learned or unlearned. I have witnessed my own
Death a Number of Times, as well as having come close to actually
dying in my Work for Others. I have been to the Spirit Realm where
we exists simply as Awareness, and seen that we do indeed retain an
Individuality even amidst the Oneness of Eternity of Spirit. This
spiritual Individuality, and not the Ego-based one we use in this
Life, is the ONLY one that should matter to us. How sad and
dangerous for all Life on Earth that so few People know this.

BLOG: A Paranormal Opening to the New Year

This is one for the books. It was around 7:30 PM on 1/3/09, the Saturday evening of the New Year's four-day weekend. Hardly an evening for any sort of roadwork to be occurring on a small side street in a small town. I had gone out to move my wife's car off the street. She had parked it there earlier since our driveway was blocked when she got home. We are not allowed to street park overnight in the winter. I had just gotten to the car, which was facing east and uphill, further up our street, when I noticed the power lines over the little crest of the road and beyond were lighting up, as if a car was coming. But the tint of the light was strange. Not the usual yellow light of a headlamp, but the kind one would expect from the newer halogens with the bluish tinting. I also thought, "Krieg lights?"

But something was odd here as well. The light was not steady. It was flickering. I began to think someone was welding something over the ridge, as the flickering was quite variable and attention-getting. If you have ever seen the light sprays of an active welding, you would know what I mean: the extreme and very quick variations in intensity. But then the light steadied, and got much brighter. So bright the entire area from the crest upward was saturated with this blue-white light. The wires above were shining brightly, like strings of light. I thought, "Ah, it must be a vehicle after all..." But then rationality was challenged yet again by the fact that there was SO much light it had to be one hell of a vehicle! Or was it perhaps three or four?! "What would cause THAT much light?" I asked myself.

Then, emerging from the center of the road, with all this bright light behind it, was a vertically-oriented, black and thinly-outlined rectangle. It was moving slowly vertically, as if something were heading toward me. The shape reminded me of a backhoe cab... As the rectangle rose higher, I spotted within it the silhouette of a single human, looking exactly like a gun target silhouette...all black, no obvious clothes or hat...just head and shoulders and torso, arms by the sides. Just as I was about to convince myself that it was indeed some sort of work vehicle with amazing lights, this rectangle reversed direction INSTANTLY and went back down into the ground at the same speed as it has risen. The lack of a pause was really strange, as it was as if the reversal had happened without a gear shift. If this were indeed a vehicle, it had made it part of the way up this very shallow sloped hill and then sputtered out and gone back down.

The rectangle was gone, and within a few seconds, the extremely bright light flickered twice and all was dark. There had been no noise at all the whole time, on a very cold and still crispy night...when sounds travel easily. I stared a few seconds, a bit dumbfounded and a bit uneasy...as what I had seen was singular. I had never witnessed anything like it. While all the individual elements were things I had seen, never had this much light and such a strange presentation behaving so strangely appeared to me. This combination was unique. I finally pulled the car in, after first debating whether or not to go up and see what the heck that really WAS. But I was actually intimidated by its weirdness to the point where I felt I might be intruding on something I should not be...my humanity took over and I was somewhat skittish about going up into that area. I now of course wish I had.

I write this on the 6th, 3 days later. As time has passed since this event, and I have had more time to reflect on it, it seems more and more unearthly to me. Nothing about it was really normal. The light was strange, as were the lack of noise, the rectangle with the sole silhouette riding and falling like some sort of arcade figure...and the sudden ending. I believe I either witnessed a Spirit appearing to send me a message, which is very possible, or I was seeing a trans-dimensional energy intrusion... Since my shamanically sensitive senses and beliefs are so far broken out now from typical western training, beliefs, and interpretive blockages, I am much more open to this sort of event. It would not surprise me that I was the only one who might have seen this. I shall journey at some point to discover just what this was...a very different earthly construction interlude? Or a visit from elsewhere, deliberately done to get my attention....and how!

1/21 UPDATE: I was listening to Coast to Coast AM today to an interview with one David Wilcock, who has unearthed some very interesting data concerning the Philadelphia Experiment of mid 20th century. One can read the full discussion at his site at http://www.divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=337&Itemid=30 In a nutshell, though, the Navy discovered in the middle of the last century that high-intensity arc-welding was causing worm-holes into other dimensions to open and close...and tools were disappearing from the rooms where this welding was occurring! These disappearances were caught on high-speed film. What was so striking to me today is that this is exactly how I categorized the beginning of my event is this blog: as a high-intesity flickering characteristic of arc-welding! This adds MUCH more weight to my assertion that what I saw that night was indeed a trans-dimsensional portal opening...the same kind of energies that caused tools to disappear decades ago caused this rectangular shape with the human form with to appear to me. Of this I now have no doubt. Moreover, having witnessed this event, I can also verify that without doubt the accounts on the web site given above are no doubt true. So much has been hidden from us...

BLOG: Is this ex-Catholic anti-Catholic?

NOTE: If you are comfortable in your organized religious Faith and Services, I would kindly suggest you avoid reading this particular blog. I am not out to weaken anyone's Faith or anger them. What follows is my own Take on Religion, and it's really only designed for those who are seeking more, who are discontent with their current religious practice.

Am I, a former Catholic, anti-Catholic now? I guess this depends on how I view it. Until a recent Chat with a Client and also dear Friend, I would have said that Shamanism has opened my Mind SO much to the Realities of Spirit and Love that I am indeed anti-ANY organized Religion. Basically, I am. But they do serve a Purpose, as she reminded me.

My Friend reminded me how moving and spiritually awakening the Catholic Service, especially in my early Days, could be and was. I remember the Awe I felt sitting in a Church, thinking that the Spirit of Jesus was REALLY in that Candle Flame inside the Red Glass. I loved the smell of Incense and the Bells. I was so enamored, in Fact, that I seriously considered becoming a Priest.

As a first Step, though, I became an Altar Boy, and saw the politics and business side of the Church from inside the sanctuary. I saw how Nuns were considered lower Forms of Servant, if you will. I saw how some Priests could take all the Magic out of the Ritual with their mundane, matter-of-fact approach. I learned that many of the most powerful Stories in the Faith were either made-up, or mis-represented. Two man-made laws (go to Mass every Sunday or go to hell, and no attending any other Services, even a brother's wedding) came to have a profoundly negative effect on my view of the Church...this is the Church of Forgiveness and Love? So I never became a Priest.. But I still had that magic inside. As my Friend had reminded me, at least the Catholic Service had awakened the Spirit Fire within.

Years later I visited the Vatican. This was about 10 years before I would assume my Shaman Path. As we got closer, my Back began to throb. Whle within the Confines of the Vatican itself, and the Museum FULL of priceless Artifacts, I was in excrutiating Pain. Amazingly, as we finally left and were on our way back to our Hotel, the Pain subsided. I wondered if I had been seen as a Dark Force, and the Building was literally punishing me for beng there. Once I got on the Path of Light as Shaman ten Years on, though, I realized that it was the Dark Forces of the Vatican that recognized me as a Light Being and were coming against me. I had been afflicted with "satanic" Energies right there in the "House of Peter." (Those of you who now are thinking I have this backwards...that I was the satanic presence...open your Mind and think again. See my paragraph below on having met and worked with Jesus on behalf of Clients)

I hope no-one is too offended by this. I see the multi-bilion dollar Vatican State as having morphed over the Centuries into primarily a Force for Control, Manipulation and Levelling of the Human Condition, despite all the Words to the Contrary. Note this has NOTHING to do whatsoever with how I view the Messages of Jesus, which I deeply honor and respect. Nor do I demean whatver Good (depends how you define this, eh?) is coming out of their Efforts across the World. But, I ask Readers to recall that Jesus came to teach us how to heal, love and forgive using the SAME SPIRIT POWERS HE HAD...to set us spiritually FREE. He did not come to be separated from us as some sort of unreachable "Lord" that we are supposed to grovel before. In his Time, he came against the very same type of religious Organization of Money and Power that the Pharisees represented...and they had him killed. I have no doubt that were Jesus to come into the World right now, he would be throwing the money-changers and vendors out of the Catholic Church just as vehemently as before. And the "Church" would come against Him in the same Way today.

(Added 11/12) Two other points are worthy of consideration. First, many Shamans, myself included, feel Jesus was essentially a Shaman himself. The ability to transfigure (shape-shift), alter matter (water to wine), perform telekenesis (walking on water), and of course turning on the Healing Switch in others, all indicate a very powerful Spirit/Mind Connection that most Shamans aim for but never achieve. Also, Shamans typically do not set up organized cults centered around themselves. I feel when Jesus told Peter he was the "rock"? upon which Jesus's "church" would be built, he was not referring to his future church as an organized religion, as we have now, but as a collection of "Jesus-Shamans" walking the world casting out dark energies and inducing healing, as the Apostles did after Jesus's Death. I always felt it was strange that Jesus was so contrary to the Jewish Pharisees and their dictatorial rule, yet then turned around and supposedly authorized his followers to build a structure just like it.

The second point concerns the Gnostic Gospels, which were all but destroyed several centuries after Jesus's death. We are truly fortunate to have found one of the last surviving copies of these in the 1940s. They were summarily thrown out of the New Testament when the latter was put together in the 4th century, because they supposedly were not "lining up" correctly philosophically and factually. In other words, revisionist history rearing its ugly head again to serve the power-seekers and money-men. I know from Journeys that women were priests in the first few centuries in the Christian discipline...it was only in the 4th century that it was decided they should be subservient. Truly a bad shift away from the Sacred Balance of male/female that the Prime Creator was seeking. (End of added).

The purpose of ANY spiritual Discipline is to establish a real and personal Connection to the Spirit World, to the Prime Creator and the Myriad of Spirit Helpers around it, and to use the Self-knowing and total Lack of Fear thus attained to bring Light, Healng and Understanding into the World. We are meant to be very powerful spiritually, not to go humble ourselves for an hour a week and then go back into the World to continue our bad Habits. If the organized Religions were truly doing their Jobs, they would be teaching people to be spiritually INdependent. The Message was "go forth and multiply", not "go forth and congregate." That is, make COPIES of Jesus, BECOME Jesus, not a Group of Underlings OF Jesus.

I have met Jesus on several Spirit Journeys for others. He is real, and a powerful and calm Spirit, and he does indeed help those who honestly connect to him. I am pro-Jesus to the max! (In Fact, I venerate ALL the wonderful Lover-Healers who have made their Mark in Spirit History, regardless of "Affiliation"). I am not anti-Catholic as long as the Experience leads People to expand their Consciousness and Spirit Selves, as it once did for me, and to become free Forces for Good. But if People simply accept the Doctrine and the Ritual as all there is, and never question what is said or realize that different biblical translations can change the meanings profoundly, and just go once a week because that's the way everyone else does it...and therefore never get to know their true Spirit Selves and Powers...then I am afraid I AM "anti-Catholic" to quite a Degree...

BLOG: Are there Retilians on Earth?

Lately I have been watching a lot of Videos on both YouTube and his own Site by David Icke. David is orginally from Britain, and after having a spiritual conversion in the early 90s, he set out to alert people to the coming Danger from the Orwellian New World Order. He has written many books and given innumerable public lectures on this subject. Once considered the laughing stock of England for his early appearances after hhis conversion, he is now no longer being laughed at.

Among his more "outlandish" claims are: that there are Reptilian Beings from another Dimension who are in a vibrational state that we cannot detect with our limited senses, who are nonetheless wreaking havoc on us and leading down this path to defeat of the individual consciousness, and enslavement in a world order dominated by humans who are controlled by the Reptilians; and, that these people still involve themselves in dark arts and blood rituals, and among those people are the current royal family of Great Britain.

Most of us in the west would automatically dismiss this as sheer lunacy. But let me add my perspective, as Shaman, to this. When I first heard of the concept of other-dimensional Reptilian Beings (keep in mind that we all have a "reptilian" portion of our brains from way back when, where empathy is non-existent, and survival at all costs is the rule of this tiny lump of brain matter), I was struck immediately by an experience I had late last year.

I had been taking lots of photos, searching for Spirit Orbs, and one morning I got a very strange one indeed. You can see these shots on my MySpace Photo Page, numbers 25 and 26. When you look at the close-up, you will clearly see a bulbous head with two red eyes which I immediately took to be a Snake Head. Events soon led me to journey into the Spirit World to see what had caused this. Here are the results of my Journey:

This all really began the Saturday night of Nov 10, while my Wife and I and two dear neighbors were sitting at the Dining Room Table, playing Dominoes. All the windows behind me were sealed for winter...so no leaks were present. We were about halfway through our series of games when I suddenly felt a very distinct cool draft flow across my neck and head from behind. I asked about it, as no-one else had felt it. I even went so far as to check downstairs to see if my son had opened the back door to let out some heat. He hadn't. So I thought nothing more of it.

But as I was downstairs brushing my teeth for bed a couple of hours later, again in an area with no possibility for drafts, a very distinct cold blast moved across the back of my bare legs (I was in sleeping shorts). This time I really thought about it, knowing it was more than just coincidence, and rapidly came to the conclusion that I had, for the first time, felt a ghost going by. People who have claimed to have encountered ghosts often speak of feeling such cold spots in the air. I immediately took this to mean that one or more Spirits was really anxious for me to come into the Spirit World, as something important had to be up. This was the first time I had ever been "requested" like this, so it had to be a matter of urgency.

Prior to this, on a hunch based on a lengthy chat I had had with Janet the night before, I had taken my camera out the Thursday morning before and took a few flash shots to see if any Spirit Orbs were about. I was not surprised to find one in the first shot, a portion of which is inserted below. What DID surprise me was the Size and Shape of this Orb. It had a bulbous Head and seemed to have two wide spread eyes and some sort of neck. I got chills that such a well-defined Orb was present. I took another shot about a minute later, and while the "head Orb" had shrunk, there were three other, normal Orbs about, and so it was obvious something in the Spirit World was up. I figured it had to do with Janet, but the events of Saturday evening, as delineated above, got me to thinking that something else was up.

So that same night, as I was going to sleep, I decided to take a mini-Journey just to see if something might turn up. I actually split the experience into two parts. I did a quick read first, then woke up later that same night and realized I had to act immediately, again using a virtual candle, tools, etc. while lying in bed so as not to awaken Janet.

In part 1, I found myself in Space, and saw a large Snake moving toward me from a circular dimension-portal, that is, a Doorway to another Time and Place not associated with our Universe. I stood aside and saw this Snake approach the Earth. The Snake's Head was bigger than the Earth, and as it drew near it opened its Mouth, which was large enough to swallow the whole Planet. But instead of doing that, it exhaled a blue Gas that surrounded the entire Planet like an Atmosphere. I was not sure what it was doing at first, but then saw that it was pouring thousands of smaller Snakes onto the Earth, and these were infesting the Rivers all across the Globe. It was THEN that it suddenly struck me that the Head Orb pictured below was actually that of a Snake, that we had a River very near us, and that THIS was the emergency I had been alerted to by the Drafts of cold Air. One of these Snakes was HERE. I knew I would need to journey to help fight it.

At first I fell back asleep, deciding it could wait. But for some reason I awoke an hour or so later and realized this had to be done NOW. I opened Sacred Space as mentioned above and began my Journey. As I entered the Spirit World, I found myself standing at a white Curtain of Spirit Energy, and I instantly decided to go through it. I was now in a large Auditorium full of journeying Shamans. I looked up at the Stage and saw the meeting Moderator as a brilliant Orb of bright white Light, shining like the Sun, with Hints of Arms, Legs and a Head. As I went to find a Seat near the Back, the Moderator mentioned me, saying he "welcomes Four Hawks..." Then, as another Shaman came in through the Back, the Moderator welcomed "Silly Crow."

Apparently we were the last two to be called, for the Moderator then addressed the Assembly, saying that we must all get together to take on the invading Snake. We all went back into Space and faced the Snake. I sensed it was of a lower Intelligence, and was not really aware of the Havoc it was about to cause on Earth. Again I thought of the little Snakes moving up our Rivers, and how the pic i took shows the face of a Snake...apparently the Snakes were here in Search of Energy, and were to take in much of the World's "Chi". So we all used our thought-creative Process to create golden Ball of Mana, as big as Earth. All the Snakes then left the Earth and consumed the Mana Ball. We then showed the parent Snake how to create Mana for itself, and watched as it formed a small Ball before it and swallowed it. Satisfied, it withdrew back into the Portal it had come from. We Shamans then ensured the Hole was closed.

The Scene then shifted and I saw a middle-aged Woman with black hair, smiling as I placed my Hands on her Head in order to heal her. This may have been the Spirit of Mother Earth? I was then back in the Auditorium, where the Moderator gave us each a purple "figure 8" of Spirit Energy to wear always as a "bow tie." I took this as a high Honor, and have often thought of the Energy it gives me, especially in the throat/base of the brain chakra Areas.

As you have read, this was indeed an Invasion of our World by Reptiles from another Dimension. While these obviously were less threatening, in that they did not take over humans yet, it shows THAT THE CONCEPT OF OTHER-DIMENSIONAL REPTILIAN BEINGS IS NOT A CRAZY NOTION! They exist in a vibrational State beyond our ability to "see"...but that does not mean they do not exist.

As far as blood rituals being practiced to this day by "Illuminati Families", I asked my Pendulum a simple yes/no on this one...and got a yes. I leave it to you to accept or reject the evidence I present to you here.

11/16/08 Update: The following is excerpted from a Journey I did for a friend's Brother in California back in early 2005. The brother has been living with a wife who has been mercilessly cruel and uncaring to him. They are finally divorcing now. But it suddenly struck me a few Days ago that when I performed this Journey for the two over three years ago, I found a huge Spirit Snake wrapped around their House, their spirit vitality drained. It took me this long to understand the full dimension of this: this to me is a classic example of how a reptilian presence can undermine human beings, in this case to the max:

"We flew over the Grand Canyon and on into California in a matter of seconds. We landed in a tree next to the house, which appeared to me to be single story with a red, shingled/clay tablet roof. I did not see the whole structure, though, so I cannot be sure of its actual footprint and size. I saw the Brother slumped on a couch watching TV. His wife was doing something, but I can no longer translate my post-Journey scribble. It reads like "eslinder" but I'm not sure what it was/is supposed to say. I spotted a huge Black Snake encompassing the entire house, coiled around it and within it. I also noticed both people's Auras. The Brother's was almost all gray with just hints of color here and there. The Wife's was very dark gray to black and totally without color. Both are therefore almost totally shut down spiritually. I handed the husband a copy of my healing Rainbow Energy Feather, but he did not react as I put it in his hand. It had no effect."

Based on the three years of psychological and spiritual Abuse that followed, I am convinced the Wife was, or was tranformed into, a Reptilian.

BLOG: Pyramids and other levitational wonders:

On Page 95 of Joan Parisi Wilcox's excellent book, Masters of the Living Energy - The Mystcal World of of Q'ero of Peru, she discusses the Myth of Inkari, the first Inka, the founder of the Inkan Empire. On that Page comes the startling Description of Inkari's ability to build large stone Structures. Inkari was able to "herd" rocks and stones of massive size with a simple verbal command. Joan goes on to say that Legend tells that Inkari and his immediate successors were able to "sing" the Stones up and into Place. In other Words, they were using the Power of their Minds to counteract Gravity, perhaps attuned to a certain vibrational Sound that negates Gravitational Pulls. (As an Aside, in a recent Journey to visit with the Earth Soul of Nicola Tesla, I discovered that he likewise knew one could counteract Gravity using certain combinations of Frequencies.)

So imagine my Surprise when re-reading the Pages mentioned above when I discovered that a recent Journey of mine concerning the building of the Giza and other Pyramids suddenly struck a huge Chord (no pun intended). Below is that Journey, and it confirms the Incan Legend of immense Stone Levitation:

As I entered the Spirit World, I saw myself as the golden Hawk, flying headlong toward the Giza Pyramids. I have been reading a Ton about these and how old are they really, and who really built them. It has been conjectured by some knowledgeable People that they are over 10,000 Years old and built by a prior, highly skilled Civilization the ancient Egyptians later referred to as Gods. I flew right into the Entrance to and then up the so-called Queen's Shaft of the Great Pyramid…stopping at the metal Door that was found there several Decades ago. I was able to sneak around to the other Side, and saw a miniscule carved Hawk at its Base. I thought: was I actually there in a past Life when this was put in? Did I have something to do with that Door? I then was outside and saw the "Gods" actually placing the 20-ton and heavier Blocks in Place. They did indeed, as has been surmised, use Levitation to do this…there were no Slaves, no Workers. I then saw that most of these Beings were actually from another Dimension! They were using Energy Connections to their own Dimension and their Minds. As they stood there, there were translucent and had a narrow Layer of Light surrounding them in a shimmering Halo I thought to myself, no wonder there is no Trace of these People!

I was then shown that the suspected radical Shift in the entire Earth's Surface, which moved Antarctica down to the South pole and wreaked deadly Havoc on much of Life on the Planet when it occurred, was caused by a large Planetoid that passed close by the Earth on its Bee-line into the Sun. I got a Sense that this Object may also have been partially or fully originated in this other Dimension, which is why there was little to no Warning. This may also be why we will not see the next One coming, if indeed the Mayan and Hopi Prophesies are correct that a major Event is coming to Earth soon.

I then found myself moving up onto the Dalha Mirror, with my ten Spirits in a Circle around it. They showed to me that I must fashion or buy three small Pyramids to place on my Altar to try to pray this next Catastrophe away. Just beyond the Mirror, I was shown a new Ritual Site built for me. It had three deep Mahogany Steps leading up to a square Platform. In the Center was a Stone Slab for me to lie on. The Walls were made of white Rose Petals kept together by Spider Web Lines. I opened the Curtain of this Shelter to see the entire Landscape covered in uplifted Dirt and small Fires…a Result of the catastrophic Event mentioned above. But I and my immediate Family were now safe inside.

In the final Scene, I was shown that we might very well escape this Destruction by passing into the other Dimension mentioned above…and it occurred to me that in so doing, we might very well become the Gods or whatever People are there, just as had occurred on the Giza Plateau thousands of years ago! A grand Irony, indeed. That was the End of the useful Imagery.

BLOG: Consciousness Shift Revealed in Part:

I very recently was shown an amazing interplay of inter-dimensional Energies that have been wreaking havoc with our Human Relationships, as well as contributing to Global Warming, and perhaps even Earthqakes. Just as Beings from other Dimensions can and do visit us, often with deleterious Results, we have a massive "dark" Star, in a Dimension vibrating very close to our own, and very near our Solar System, that is wreaking havoc with us. The bad news, though...we have 6 more of these other-dimensional Stars heading our Way. It is THIS that we also have to survive in the coming Period of Consciousness Shifting. Here is the Journey I took:

10/31/08: A Journey taken at my Helpers' Request to see what new Information they had for me. Lately I have been having a Series of such Instructions.

As I entered the Spirit World, I met with my 10 Dalha Spirits on their sacred Mirror. The Mirror began spinning very rapidly beneath our Feet as we stood on it...but soon we were all spinning on the now-still Mirror. As we and the Mirror spun faster and faster, the Area around us was blue. We quickly spiraled into a new Dimension, an apparent Nod to the Whirling Dervishes who likewise spin rapidly in Place to achieve an altered State of Consciousness. As we moved into the new Dimension, we were still on the Earth and among some Humans...but Everything appeared non-solid in this Version of our Reality...as if made up of a Collection of innumerable bits of very dry Paper. It reminded me a bit of Objects made of Bits of colored Tissue Paper. I then saw Firings of tiny Bits of Energy moving between various Bits of the "Paper" in one of the Humans.

We were then lifted into Space, and there I saw it: a huge, dark-energy Star very near the Solar System and riding along with it. Because it is in a different Dimension, our Science has no Idea that it is there. However, the Emanations from this Star are having a very real and draining effect on Humanity. They are passing through our electrical Connections of our Bodies, causing us to be a lot less aware, more sluggish, more focused on the physical than the spiritual. Hence, the Wars and Selfishness and Economic Taking are all a Result of this Degradation. Our Sun, as a Result of this Presence, is wiggling, shuddering along through Space. We cannot measure of feel this weird Vibration in our Paths since the Sun and all the Planets are wiggling at the same Time in the Distortion of Space-Time. However, I was told that this shuddering is helping cause the Warming of all the Planets, including ours, as detected recently by spacecraft. Then, the Dalha asked me to look behind me.

There, I saw 6 more dark Stars heading toward us. I thought to myself, "Omigod! How do we stop this!?" The Dalha answered, "We don't." Instead, we all pulled a thin, white Sheet of Energy all across the Earth in our Dimension, wrapping it like a Ball being wrapped with Foil. "This will help protect Humans and allow those who can reach a heightened Consciousness a Level of Protection from the approaching 6 Stars. You and other Spiritualists have to survive this Visit."

We then pointed a narrow, long Cone of red Light from our Dimension at the Dark Star from the Base of the Mirror I was told that this Entity reads the red Light as a weird Energy since it is from another Dimension. We pointed Cones of different Colors at the other Stars. These Cones of Light will only help weaken these Stars as bit, but it will help a little.

The Dalha then tied me into all the other "white" Shamans praying for the Earth to survive the coming "other-Dimensional" Storm. My daily Prayers will now be permanently tied into theirs, adding to the white Energy Covering over the Earth. The Dalha also reminded me to continue my daily Practice of expanding my own white Light outward to engulf as much of the Earth as possible.

We then settled back into our Dimension. We passed around a Peace Pipe. As I took my Puff, a bright green-glowing Worm emerged from the Bowl, walked along the Stem, and took its own Puff! It then took a Place on my Shoulder, and I was told this is a new Spirit Helper, a Gift from Mother Earth! It will always be with me, and strengthen my Connection in my Prayers for the Earth.

As remarkable and unlikely as this Scenario sounds, and as it is impossible for current Science to verify this, it is vital we take this Look into our immediate Environment seriously. Expand your own Light...realize some of your Reactions are not just learned Behavior, but Disruptions by a foreign Energy. I welcome your Comments.